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By Tanner & Guiney Associates:

Consolidated Cooperative Credit Associations Act 2001

By David Guiney:

"Impact of the New Credit Union Legislation on the Credit Union Industry in Ontario", Ontario Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires: The New Playing Field, The Canadian Institute (April 1994)

Wayne Nygren and David Guiney, International Cooperative Financial Structures: A Study of the Corporate Governance and Decision-making Structures of Selected Major Cooperative Financial Institutions in the World, Credit Union Central of Canada National Initiative Project (August 1999)

Where are credit unions heading? Legislative Avenues Bill C38 Analysis 5th Annual Regulation of Financial Institutions INFONEX Conference (October 2000)

By Bob Tanner:

"Security Interests in RRSPs: New Developments", Legal Briefs, Credit Union Central of Ontario, March 1999.

"The Duties and Liabilities of A Credit Unionís Auditors: Capital Community Credit Union v. BDO Dunwoody", Legal Briefs, Credit Union Central of Ontario, February, 2000.

"Protection of Privacy", CUPA Exchange, Winter 2001, Credit Union Professionals Association, Robert Tanner

"Independent Legal Advice: A Vaccination", CUPA Exchange, Credit Union Professionals Association, Spring 2001, Robert Tanner

"A Creditor's Approach to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act", CUPA Exchange, Credit Union Professionals Association, 2008, Robert Tanner

"Motor Vehicle Security and Recent Amendments to the Personal Property Security Act: Not (Quite) As Bad As You Thought", CUPA Exchange, Credit Union Professionals Association, Jan 2009, Robert Tanner


By David Guiney:

"Planning for Legislation Changes" Insight, Toronto, (December 2006)

"Privacy Legislation and its Implications for Credit Union" Credit Union Professionals' Association, Toronto, (November 2001)

"Where are Credit Unions Heading?" Osgoode, Toronto, (November 2000)

"Where are Credit Unions Heading in the New Financial Landscape?" INFONEX, Toronto, (October 2001)

"Where are Credit Unions Heading?" - Bill C-38 Analysis" INFONEX, Toronto, (October 2000)

"Legislative Adaptation and Innovation in the Canadian Co-operative Context" First International Co-operative Alliance Asia-Pacific Co-operative Forum, Singapore, (June 2000)

"Legal Issues Update" Professional Credit Granting School, 1994 to present

By Robert Tanner:

Bob has been a frequent speaker on topics including bankruptcy, lending and employment law at conferences of the Credit Union Professionals Association and Credit Union Central of Ont ario.